Helping Make Our Hobbies a Reality



  • During my Morse Academy (CWOPS) classes, I met George Cooley (NG7A). He described his favorite SOTA antenna during one of our sessions. I had a look at his design, thought it was really good and decided to try it out for myself. I built my version of his 20/30/40m End-Fed Half Wave SOTA Antenna.


  • In 2020, while the COVID-19 pandemic made itself known in Idaho, occupied ourselves with home projects that were overdue. Our decision was to overhaul our old RV pad to make it capable of supporting our newer and much heavier motorhome. See what we did for our New and Improved RV Pad.


  • In 2019, I came across an article in QST that highlighted two individuals working Field Day at a table with two portable stations built into carrying cases. Based on that article, I proceeded to build the NG7V Station-In-A-Box.